Translation services

Our translation agency has been offering translation services  since 2001 and its team of Project Managers, translators and proof-readers offers customers specialized, high-quality translations and the creation of specific terminology databases, translation reports and a dedicated Project Manager for each customer. 

In more than 15 years of activity we have translated thousands of documents in several sectors, in more than 50 languages. The main types of translations we work with are: 

  • Financial translations
  • Translations of Financial Statements and Annual Reports
  • Translation of financial statements, quarterly reports, management reports
  • Translations of Power Point presentations for internal and external meetings
  • Translations of catalogues, brochures, presentations
  • Translations of websites in several languages, adapting the texts to the target audience
  • Translations of technical manuals
  • Corporate translations
  • Translations of legal documents
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translations
  • Translations in the IT sector
  • Translations in the retail and fashion world

Every client has its own dedicated Project Manager. The translation is then proof-read, its terminology is checked, if more than one translator worked on the same document, and sent to the client on the requested deadline. 

Our translation agency, with offices in Milan and Pesaro, has a team of mother-tongue translators, proof-readers and project managers that can also meet urgent requests during holidays and specific events when time is of the essence. Our mission is to give you the best quality at the exact time when you need it.