Interpreting services

The translation agency Pari e Associati, based in Milan and Pesaro, offers "turn-key" services for simultaneous, consecutive, negotiation translations in conferences, conventions, meetings, company visits, Board of Directors meetings, negotiations and all events where your company needs language support to communicate with customers, suppliers, partners, investors from other parts of the world. 

Our teams offering interpretation services include: 
  • Project Manager that coordinates interpreters and other suppliers of simultaneous translations and other audio/video services;
  • Conference interpreters who have experience in your sector, to provide accurate translations during the meeting.
With our translation agency, you will not have to worry about anything: we coordinate all aspects of a successful international meeting or conference. Our agency calls and coordinates all suppliers for the translation of your event. 

Below is a list of the main types of conference interpreting services

Simultaneous interpreting services – translation service in which the interpreter translates directly the speaker in the requested language. A simultaneous interpretation offers a real-time translation with no delays, as if the speaker was speaking the same language as the other participants of the conference or the meeting. 

Consecutive interpreting services – translation in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to complete the sentence, to translate it to the audience. The advantage of a consecutive translation is that is that you can reduce costs, as you do not need specific translation equipment. The disadvantage of consecutive interpreting services is that the meeting gets longer. We suggest to use consecutive interpreting services for short reports, or in meetings where few people attend (2-10) or during negotiations in the company, when the interpreter sits at the same table with all participates and translates all the interactions that take place during the meeting. 

Chuchotage translation services – in this type of interpretation, the translation is simultaneous, but, instead of using translation equipment, the interpreter whispers in the ear of the client the translation of a conference or a meeting. Although this makes the translation less expensive, it may be used when only one person requires the translation and it may be annoying for the client, if the translation lasts for hour, because the interpreter has to lean forward and whisper all the time. the Chuchotage translation is suggested for short meetings with only one foreign participant. As an alternative, you can use a "bidule" translation equipment, which offers simultaneous  translation for more than one participants even though it is less expensive than the standard translation booth. 

Negotiation interpreting - it is a type of consecutive interpreting used in small meetings, round tables, negotiations, sales pitches where few people attend and the interpreter usually sits at the table with all participants. You can use this type of translation service also when you a re training a small group of people and you require interaction among people, for instance when you install a new software and you call international trainers to deliver the training. In this case people can interact with questions and answers and discussions, since the interpreter is present in the same room, often sitting at the table or near other people.

"Bidule" translation equipment - it is a simultaneous translation equipment which does not require a translation booth. It is the best solution for small conferences, company meetings and visits, where there is no room for a booth and there are few participants, or where you have to move to different rooms. It is a less expensive and more flexible option than the full translation equipment with booth, although it is not suggested for large international conferences.