The translation agency Pari e Associati based in Milan and Pesaro, Italy, shows a glossary of its translation and interpretation services for those clients that want to learn more on our services and how we can assist you with your international business. 

Simultaneous interpretation - translation service in which the interpreter translates the speaker in the requested target language. Simultaneous interpretation has the advantage of an immediate translation, which makes conferences, Board of Directors' meetings, corporate meetings smooth and natural. 

Consecutive interpretation – type of translation service in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to complete the sentence and then translates it into the target language. Consecutive interpretation services are less costly, as the client does not have to rent any translation equipment. The disadvantage of consecutive translation is that it makes the meeting longer (almost doubling its duration). We suggest consecutive translation services for short meetings or during private negotiations in a company, when the interpreter sits at the table together with the other clients and translates their interactions. 

Whispered translation – it is a type of simultaneous translation in which the interpreter literally whispers at the ear of the client the translation of a conference or a meeting. It requires no translation equipment. Although it is less costly, it may be used only when there is only one person requiring the translation and, if the meeting is long, it may be annoying for the client, as she has to constantly lean over and have an interpreter whisper in her ear. The whispered translation is suggested for short meetings or negotiations where only one guest requires the translation. For more users, a guided visit translation equipment may be used, which offers a much better services and it costs much less than a translation booth. 

Liaison interpreting – it is a type of consecutive translation in which the interpreter sits at the table with other guests and participants. usually, this type of informal translation is used in small groups for discussions, product presentations, negotiations, visits of the company by a client etc. It may also be used for short training sessions, like when a new software is installed and people in the company need to be trained. In this case the translation translates what the trainer says and, if needed, translates back any questions from the participants. 

Guided visit translation equipment – it is a portable translation equipment which does not require any translation booth. It is ideal for small conferences, corporate meetings, visits in companies, meetings where there is no room for the translation booth, when there are few participants or when participants need to move from room to room. The guided visit translation equipment is much cheaper than a translation booth, although the latter offers better sound-proofing and is therefore suggested for big, official conferences.