Big Volume Translations

The translation agency Pari e Associati offers personalized, constant support services in case of ongoing translation projects during the year. 
For customers that work with us with yearly contract that guarantee a constant flow of work, we offer added translation and consulting services: 

  • A dedicated project manager for your company, who is going to manage the whole database of translations completed during the year; 
  • Personalized translation glossaries which are going to be constantly updated to keep all your translations compliant with your terminology and communication requirements; 
  • Personalized reports on significant translations (e.g. the translation of your Annual report or the translation of technical manuals and contracts); 
  • Personalized visits to your company to plan translation and interpretation projects
Companies signing with us yearly contracts have a double price advantage: 

 Discounts on translations which vary depending on the volume of translation per year; 
• Price reductions in case of repetitive translations which are going to be counted as partial translation, giving a further advantage: you will pay less but your translations will always be matching your terminology. 

Call us and we will come to visit you to present you our Big Volume Contract - we will assign a Project Manager for your translation and interpretation projects. Our offices are in Milan and Pesaro and we work with customers all over Europe.