Our translation agency, Pari e Associati, offers translation and interpretation services to Italian and international organizations in several sectors, including banking, financial, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors. 
Our translation agency has two offices in Milan and Pesaro  so that we are close to our customers all over Italy. 

The main strength of our translation agency is our Project Management processes, i.e. a high level of personalization of business relations and translation and interpretation services for our customers. 

Our philosophy is to be more than just an intermediary between companies and translators. We interpret our relation with our customers as a partnership: 

- We come to your offices to meet you to introduce our agency and to discuss large translation and interpretation projects to find the best solution for you. We are present in the territory and we are not just a voice on the phone.  
- You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will take care of you and all your needs - from urgent translations to proofreading services and special requests. 
- Once we assign a Project Manager, we also open a file for your organization where all translation projects are included with a dedicated glossary you have approved to ensure that translations are always uniform and in line with the terminology you use in your company and your sector. 
- Your Project Manager will always be supporting you in case of complex projects or when you need special services, like translations with specific software, rewriting some material when you translate it for other countries, with different interests, solving problems like very urgent translations for important meetings, the organization of meetings and conferences with foreign speakers and guests. 
- We always try to anticipate your requirements and understand what your specific needs are, by understanding your company processes and preferences. We do not just send you translations following a strict procedure that gives benefits to us and not to your organisation. 

We have been working with international clients since 2001 and we understand that high quality does not mean rigidity: we are flexible enough to understand the needs of our clients in different parts of the world, and we try to do our best to meet them.